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Hair replacement units otherwise known as man weave is designed for the millions of men that suffer from hair loss. Our Custom made hair units are made and installed to restore the appearance of a full head of hair whilst maintaining a completely natural look

Man weaves are designed for most hair types, including Caucasian, Asian and afro Caribbean hair types. They have had a surge in popularity over the past couple of years.

All of our man units are customised to fit our customers personal hair style as well as their individual hair type. Our main goal is to ensure that our customers leave with the restored confidence that they deserve.

Ace partner with some of the best hair unit specialists around the world to give you a local hair replacement solution. Your call may be transferred to our dedicated partner in London.

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London Hair Unit Experts

We are the pioneers for male hair units in London. With the use of the latest man weave techniques, you will look as if you never had a hair loss problem, the units blend naturally with your scalp and hair giving our barbers the opportunity to give you a fresh cut and Shape up.

Man weave is fast becoming the ultimate solution to hair loss in men, Hair Transplants can be expensive and invasive and traditional hair pieces often don’t provide a natural look and secure fit. A hair unit offers a low cost solution that looks and fits great and is almost undetectable

We have been able to help men with just about every type of hair loss condition. This includes those that are dealing with alopecia, fighting cancer, are almost completely bald or have pattern baldness. Our experience and expertise have allowed us to train in all hair loss types. We know that every man is different and the way that we can continue to improve as many lives as possible is to become the absolute experts in the field.

How long do man weaves last?

Man weave can last between 1-4months depending on the style of your choice. Although little maintenance is need following the steps provided by us following an installation is pivotal in the units longevity.

With Our Ace Man Weave Units specialists in London you can be assured that the best service will be provided to will walk away with the look that you desire.

Our barbers are handpicked, boasting years of experience and a genuine care for our clients

How much does man weave installation cost?

1-2 Week Unit = £200
4-6 Week Unit = £300
2-4 Months Unit = £500

Our Hair Loss Solution
• Non-surgical Procedure
• Lasts up to 4 months
• Restores natural look of full head of hair
• Hair units are custom and tailored to individual
• Hair units to suit a range of textures and ethnicity
• Discreet and professional service
• Complete after care instructions

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