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Losing your hair and not sure how to deal with it? If you are a man living in Philadelphia, you should know that there is a solution that allows you to conceal those bald spots and have the perfect amount of hair that leaves you feeling confident and attractive. The solution to your problem is hair units for men. These units are often referred to as man weave or cranial prosthesis. The man weave unit is becomingly widely used by men looking to hide those imperfections while enjoying the perks of having a full head of hair that genuinely looks so natural. No more toupees or hats!

Ace partner with some of the best hair unit specialists around the world to give you a local hair replacement solution. Your call may be transferred to our dedicated partner in Philadelphia.

Get Your Hair Unit and Feel Good About Your Appearance

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Philadelphia Hair Unit Experts

We are the pioneers for male hair units in Philadelphia. With the use of the latest man weave techniques, you will look as if you never had a hair loss problem, the units blend naturally with your scalp and hair giving our barbers the opportunity to give you a fresh cut and Shape up.

Man weave is fast becoming the ultimate solution to hair loss in men, Hair Transplants can be expensive and invasive and traditional hair pieces often don’t provide a natural look and secure fit. A hair unit offers a low cost solution that looks fits great and is almost undetectable

We have been able to help men with just about every type of hair loss condition. This includes those that are dealing with alopecia, fighting cancer, are almost completely bald or have pattern baldness. Our experience and expertise have allowed us to train in all hair loss types. We know that every man is different and the way that we can continue to improve as many lives as possible is to become the absolute experts in the field.

How long to man weaves last?

Man weave can last between 1-6 months depending on the style of your choice. Although little maintenance is need following the steps provided by us following an installation is pivotal in the units longevity.

With Our Ace Man Weave Units Partner in Philadelphia you can be assured that the best service will be provided to will walk away with the look that you desire.

Our barbers are handpicked, boasting years of experience and a genuine care for our clients

• Non-surgical Procedure
• Lasts up to 4 months
• Restores natural look of full head of hair
• Hair units are custom and tailored to individual
• Hair units to suit a range of textures and ethnicity
• Discreet and professional service
• Complete after care instructions

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At Ace Man Weave Units, we use only the latest hair weave unit techniques to create styles that match perfectly with your features. Our natural-looking male hair units are customized and come in such an extensive range of colors, so there is something for everyone to have. Before investing in a hair unit, you may wan to know a bit more about what it is and how it works. The man weave is designed to last on the head for several weeks or months at a time. Before having one installed, we recommend that you come into the shop in Philadelphia for a consultation where we can discuss your hair goals and choose a color and style for the unit you would like to have.

Custom Hair Units

After that initial consultation, we can get started with creating the perfect customized unit that is made to last long just for you. We provide high-quality work in the Philadelphia area at some of the most reasonable rates around. If you want to get a great deal on amazing hair, you have no need to look any further because we are here to provide the best man units Philadelphia has to offer to men looking to feel more confident while enjoying the perks of having a full head of hair.

We have helped hundreds of different men find their confidence again by improving their appearance with the use of man units. When a man starts going bald or already has a receding hairline and bald spots, he tends to struggle with low self-esteem because he is so used to having hair and typically does not like the balding look. Any man who feels this way in Philadelphia can visit us for a free consultation before having a custom unit created. We have different units for all different hair types and styles and our units can even last for a total of six months at a time! You can even shower and wash your hair as you normally would with our man weave hair options. We provide details on how to properly maintain the unit to the best of your ability to keep it in great condition for a long time.

Man Weave cost in Philadelphia

The price starts at $200. Some options cost a bit more, but it all depends on the style and type of weave you are requesting. We can go over these prices with you to help you find something that falls within your budget. We make sure to offer hair weave for men at very reasonable prices because we want every man to afford the cost of getting a unit if he needs one.

We offer lining repair, natural units, wavy units, and more. In addition to providing the man units to those who need them, we also offer man weave classes in Philadelphia for barbers looking to offer this service to their own clientele. If you are a barber and you have an interest in helping balding men boost their confidence by wearing man weave that looks completely natural, you can learn a lot during our man weave tutorial where we go over the necessary steps you will need to take and the types of materials you must have to install these units.

Alternative solution to hair replacement

Thousands of men experience balding each year. While some men embrace the bald lifestyle, others do not and tend to try to conceal their heads with hats and toupees because they feel so low about their appearance after losing some of their hair. We provide an alternative solution that is far more convenient �" men’s weave. Not only do we take great pride in creating custom pieces, but we also know that our work can last for up to six months at a time, allowing you to continue feeling good about your overall appearance without worry. If you live in Philadelphia or close to it and you have an interest in concealing bald spots, we are here to make that possible.